Day 1 : My Favorite Song


Day 1 : My Favorite Song

Maaf ye , saja je nak cuba tulis entry bahasa omputih hehe. Kalau salah tu jangan gelak tau! haha Kalau rojak pon abaikan je hihi

Starting Day 1 for the Challenge ( ceewwaahh speaking oooo )

Day 1 : Your Favorite Song (1 April 2018)

Many songs I've been interested in. There are Malay songs, English and more languages. But here I list the songs that are often heard because they are so favorite every day to hear.

Malay Songs
  • Bunga by Ara Johari
  • Lagu Cinta by Asmara
  • Sakit by IamNeeta
  • Dimatamu by Suffian Suhaimi
  • Jampi by Hael Husaini
Notes : Actually, many more songs I'm interested in, but forget the title

English Songs

  • Mi Gente by J Balvin ft Willy William
  • Panama by Matteo
  • New Rules by Dua Lipa
  • Back To You by Lois Tomlinson ft Bebe Rexha
  • Havana by Camila Cabello ft Young Thug
Notes : For English songs I prefer bass boosted songs. Because I like to listen to the frantic when I'm cleaning the house.

Any Language Songs
  • Lil Kate - Если бы не ты (Из к/ф "Ночные стражи") - Russia
          Lil Kate - If not you (From the "Night Watch") - Translate in English

That's all I can list at this time, because not remember much because I always hear but not see the title.

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  1. i like New Rules song too!

  2. suka lagu sakit tu dan suka dengar Fathia Latiff nyanyi lagu tu..serius sedap antara yg xpernah dengar lagi tu lagu cinta by Asmara..mmg nk check it out nanti

  3. Saya pun suka dengar lagu..

  4. hahahha Semua lagu tu Mrs. A tak tahu camne lagunya.
    Lagu baru-baru tak tahu sangat. Tahu lagu-lagu otai jer...
    Rajinnya join challenge semoga berjaya.

  5. lagu havana tu first time dengar best lah bila dah lama rasa macam annoying kemain haha


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