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Kita join Giveaway pulak!haha jangan marah ye, maklumlah lama tak on blog ni. So pada sesiapa yang belum join tu join join. Klik je banner tu hokay!

Syarat nya simple sangat uollss! Meh baca syarat dia :


1. Create an entry with this title " COMEBACK GIVEAWAY by BYZURA HALIFAH "
2. Tag your 3 friends in your post.
3. Do follow my accounts here:
3. Copy and paste the banner above, and don't forget to backlink this entry. 
4. Leave your link in the comment section below, MB will be visit each one of you gaiss...

Easy right? Good luck! 

Hadiah pasti nya menarik!

- One gift for one winner.

~ Shawl / Bawal (You can choose either shawl or bawal and the color) 
~ Butang Baju Melayu 
~ Cash RM10.00
~ Prepaid Reload RM5.00 (Any telco)

Feel free to join everyone! This giveaway ends on the 07 July 2018. And please help MB to spread the love and the words about this giveaway, so more bloggers will join my first time giveaway.

Menarik kan ? Jom join ^^ 


  1. Singgah segmen sama.Salam kenal :)


  2. hai zetty :)
    aida join jugak giveaway ni.
    salam kenal. done follow u :)

  3. Salam singgah daripda segmen yang sama..



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